Thursday, December 15, 2005

King Kong "we have a problem on the 360" sort of

Following our earlier piece on the 360 and King Kong and the ordinary TV images so dark you can't play problem, Ubisoft spin doctors say suck it and see!

"isolated reports of resolution issues on specific plasma screens,"
"Ubisoft believes that King Kong offers one of the best gaming experiences available on the Xbox 360 and encourages gamers to check it out for themselves."

Yep walk down to your store buy King Kong for your 360, bring it home and if the display is too dark to see anything properly, traipse back to the store and another gamer? get a cash refund? look for expences for all the travelling back and forth.

Seems Ubisoft are taking us for a bunch of monkeys.
Ahm here's an idea.................................FIX THE GAME!!!!

See updated report from CVG
See earlier Ubisoft statement

Still no apology in sight

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