Thursday, December 29, 2005

Xbox 360 DOA4 a perfect 100% ? review, trailer and screenshots

So far to date the only decent review I've managed to track down (ok i'm old, i'm lazy, bite me!) is the following from IGN . Who also manage to have 191 screenshots and 10 videos including the official trailer (yep some day when I get older and start my own website.......never mind)

Amid rumour that some companies(?) released their reviews before they could possibly have had a review copy (link) Kotaku points to an article on widespread corruption in the games industry (link).

Best review to date? was probably from a gamer who commented on metacritic

"this game was the only reason i got an xbox360 it was only because of this game and im so happy cause it was worth it but this game is still the coolest game ever."

Nuff said!

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Anonymous said...

Best 3D fighting game ever, the only one online brawler, fast and furious.

The Elderly said...

I concur