Thursday, February 23, 2006

$2,000 for Revolution Development Kit

First the controller, now the low entry price ($2,000) for Revolution Development kits. And with more than 1,000 kits already shipped, this is good news for mr. gamer. Why? think of it the low entry price, means more development teams, means more game diversity, means greater choices when I go to the store to pick up my latest RPG, FPS, RTS. Not good enough? then read the following quote from the IGN article:

"Every studio insider we queried said that they believed Revolution could launch for under $200, and possibly as low as $150 - a figure that would amazingly put Nintendo's new console at a price point hundreds of dollars cheaper than any competitor. Nintendo itself has not yet commented on a Revolution price point, except to confirm that it would sell for less than $299."

Just what's in the water over at the Nintendo offices? cause I'd like some. Story IGN

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