Sunday, February 26, 2006

Trapt (ps2) Review

Protect your castle by luring your enemies into your booby-trapped world in this trap-action game. You'll play as Princess Allura, who with her cunning ways and brilliant series' of traps will always get what she wants, even if blood and body-parts are shed along the way.

Isn't exactly what we may have been waiting for, take a look at the Eurogamer Review. Or visit the Official game page (Japanese), for some worthwhile wallpaper. Have a peek at some gameplay movies and screenshots on gamespot.

Do not be confused by the rock band of the same name, or indeed the IGN review of their music, which from what i've listened to is a cut above the average. The game is also available on import under the title Kagero II and billed as the fourth(?) instalment of the Kagero deception series. IGN (more screenshots) have kindly informed us that the game is also known as Trapt: code Kagero, Kagero 2: Dark Illusion. But i'm still confused, though that may be the blood pressure tablets.

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