Sunday, February 19, 2006

Japanese Game Releases March 2006

From Top to bottom

1. Tenkabit: RTS Playing the role of an historic Japanese figure you set out to conquer Japan.
Official Website with some character wallpaper. Screenshots from the Magic Box

2. Final Fantasy XII: Surely I dont' have to say anything. Set for Release 16th March. Official Website

3. Magister Negi Magi: What appears to be a special edition of Magical teacher green onion. Set for release 23rd March. If anybody has a better idea, I'm willing to hear it. Official Website

4. Girls Side Second Kiss: Billed as a "seduction" or love simulation game. Official Website

5. Haruoto Step of Spring: You can see I'm struggling here can't you, whose idea was it have a Japanese release post anyways. But at least I know it's due out in Japan, and I found the Official Website.

6. Phantasy Star Universe: also billed as Phantasy Star online, RPG due for release 30th March and US third quarter. Two separate experiences, massive single player and robust online game. Official Website and (wouldn't you know it) IGN review.

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