Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Scarface: The World is Yours

"a gameplay environment that authentically recreates the historical time period of the film, touching on politics, news items and events of the day. You play ss Tony Montana in an alternate-ending story concept that follows the events of the original movie classic.
Xbox version 76% from 6 reviews on Metacritic.com
Ps2 version 75% from 7 reviews on Metacritic ps2 page

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Xbox reviews Summary

does an absolutely fantastic job to bring you the world of scarface
great disapointment, GTA deja-vu, reptetive at times
entertaining and deep, fantastic recreation of spirit of scarface
As profane, violent and over the top as the movie
sometimes a bit clunky, but makes up for it in bravado and style

Ps2 reviews Summary
Looks and feels like the movie
The game fails in so many areas
40-50 hrs long, almost all of them good, but falls a little short
A city full of people that feel genuinely realistic
delivers gunplay and as much depth as any other game in the genre
fixes many of the problems found in the genre
A more solid storyline would have been nice

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