Sunday, February 12, 2006

3d Model #7 Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Head of operation at NERV, the UN agency charged with protecting Earth against Angels. Seen as extroverted and a possible alcoholic, talks so much people say she is making up for lost time having been mute for her formative years.

Beautiful, gregarious and sassy she is regarded as the fans favourite character in the series. Misato is very professional. However when she gets home to her apartment, a more carefree side of her personality can be seen. She cannot cook for herself and relies solely on instant food. She also drinks copious quantities of beer, and drinks one first thing in the morning to get her day started. We're not going to mention the penquin.

Model featured from heavy armour studio
Penpen the penguin and misato model from ASIKARAZU!
One of the more easily navigable "shrines"
Another exceptional model from Takanori Kawai
Condensed character profile from Absolute Anime
A kissdoll (don't ask) from Otaku world
Misato's place in Wikipedia
And Suzi Q's model

If you have a model collection or a firm favourite which hasn't been featured so far, drop a mention in the comments below (click the comment text), giving details of where I'll find the photos of your work. I promise I'll feature it here in it's very own post. This a family page and worksafe photos are used. Thank you!
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