Monday, February 20, 2006

Warpath online FPS (xbox)

Due spring 2006, this single player/online FPS is thankfully being released as a budget title. Thankfully because it appears Gamers will require oodles of cash and 4 months holiday to keep up with the current list of "Spring" releases. Using the Unreal Engine and Karma physics (? so i looked it up on Google), 3 different species (with separate storylines) 16 single player levels and 25 Multiplayer maps to choose from, but heres the strange bit:

"Risk-style, turn based movement on a hex grid map allows players to coordinate their attacks and plan out cunning strategies, then follow through with fast and furious first person shooter action."

Beats me, but read it yourself on the Developers Website
See the screenshots on gamezone
If it's lives up to it's promises, it'll be quite an offering indeed.

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