Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sony, Eurogamer, Legal Action and the God of War

Pleasantly reading the awesome contributions on the GAF Game Forums. I found this interesting item concerning Eurogamer and some leaked Sony Marketing documents they had allegedly gotten hold off.

The Documents purported to suggest a Feb27th 2007 release for the next God Of War Sequel. Playing the role of Kratos the item suggests:

"along the way, the players will defeat Icarus and claim his wings as a tool to glide with, gain the ability to ride Pegasus, discover the Amulet of Fate and Golden Fleece to earn special powers, and wield weapons including the Hammer, Bone Sword and Medusa's Head."

most interestingly the item quotes the Eurogame article as saying that intially the game is not currently destined for a ps3 release unless given the right backing (which should take about one phone call).

and here's the killer, the item kindly referenced the Eurogamer article which I duly clicked to be met with

"The information that previously appeared here has been removed under the threat of legal action from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe."

However they forgot to purge the comments section where you can read why Sony might have got so upset. Quick of the mark though I'll give them that.

Of course these are all allegedly third class absurd and ridiculous suggestions, one is not imparting any semblance of truth in such a hideous rumour. Nor indeed could I ever imagine the fantastically lovely people over on Eurogamer ever suggesting such a trite and insidious story as bearing any semblance of truth. Nor indeed can I imagine Eurogamer ever dealing with "leaked" documents of any kind, not their style. No siree not the elderly gamer. Innocent as the day is long I is. And not likely to afford a legal action with Sony any day this side of a pension increase.

For example the following article on computer and video games suggest that God of War for the Ps3 has already been confirmed (albeit without a referencing link). Who can you believe these days?, back in my day....................

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