Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Trawling Japanese Fan sites #6

Yep I will agree this series of posts have lacked a certain Je ne sais Quoi, but this month as I attempt to whip a dead horse, I've added some benefit to my pictorial ramblings, the same pointless pictorial rambling but this time with some semi-decent links.

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Rangiku Matsumoto, character from Bleach Anime series, released February and possibly available from an importer in your neighbourhood by now. more detail and pics From

Oblivion Pyramid head mod. While European xbox360 gamers are horrified at the thousands of horses being slaughtered for the want of some horse armour, or lying awake at night wondering why we're being denied access to the Orrery key, Japanese gamers have moved on extolling the virtues of this Silent Hill mod, albeit on the PC version of Oblivion. While the Japanese links to the mod are incomprehensible (being a total idiot when it comes to Japanese translation), I have managed to dig up the following:

direct link to Youtube pyramid head in action
Link to Pyramid head PC mod on if the link is down search for "tdas Pyramid Head Mod", note download may require registration.

Kit Kat Parfait
new addition to the Kit-Kat range in Japan, checkout Tokyo times for more detail on this limited edition Eastern treat. Best we can do here is white and brown chocolate kitkats. For Shame Nestle.

Cosplay Gantz (left) and a new addition to the cosplay repetoire, Tyurru (right) from N3 Ninety Nine Nights. Gantz anime series website link. N3 Ninety Nine Nights official Japanese website where you get a chance to see Tyurru in action, on the character information screen.

Bleach anime series 800x590 wallpaper, yep there's not a computer screen in the world designed for a wallpaper that size, but I love the piccy. If you want to know more about the popular "Bleach" anime tv series visit Bleach Portal (watch for popup)

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