Monday, May 29, 2006

Rockstar Table Tennis Review (xbox360)

Scoring a rather spectacular (for a table tennis game) 81% based on 13 reviews

Reviews Summary
This is brilliant, whichever way you spin it
Not that much to say, it's ping pong
Instant accessibility, rewarding depth, immensely entertaining and addictive
Not much behind the standard exhibition and tournament modes
Tremendously fun, fast paced, hard to put down
Addictive, but lacks a reasonable single player mode, shockingly sparse.
Extremely intense one on one compensates for lean options
Focus, polish, accessibility, depth
A true triumph as an implement for having fun

Official Website
Screenshots and trailer from IGN

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gnome said...

Only on XBOX 360? Pity...

And a nice butt too.

The Elderly said...

A high polygon count no doubt.

gnome said...

Yes. Nothing a lowly XBOX (without the 360 bit) could ever hope to handle..

The Elderly said...

wait now are we talking about the game or the butt?

DEITRIX said...

I'll probably pass on picking this one up- even tho' its probably a decent game and might be fun for a while, just not my cup of tea... butts or no butts.

gnome said...

And we're discussing the butt dear sir...

The Elderly said...

good evening/night/morning to you both.
Top spin for table tennis, but the score is pretty remarkable none the less, so I may invest in a rental.

I'm at a loss to explain why it's an xbox360 exclusive given the positive reaction from the critics.

How quickly we forget DOA beach volleyball on ye old xbox, butt that's another story.