Wednesday, May 31, 2006

.hack.//G.U. Part 1 Rebirth (ps2) Preview

Just shipped to Japanese stores, the first of a trilogy featuring an all new central storyline and characters. Following on from the critical success* of the ealier Quadrilogy (thank you Alien) the storyline in G.U. takes place seven years after the end of the first series.

An RPG within an RPG, the original series (.hack) is set in the near future, when seemingly everyone is addicted to a massively multiplayer online role-playing game called "The World", which by the end of the series is destroyed.

For .hack//GU the World has been rebuilt (rather handy), an you play as Haseo a young man attacked by "player killers" and intent on revenge (as you would) the story follows you as you unravel the identity of a nefarious enemy.

The game is being released with a catch up disc telling the story to date and your original game saves can be used to unlock a "surprise" element in the new series .

*the original series of four games sold 780,000 copies in Japan and 1.73 million worldwide

1up preview
Gamespot preview
Original series .hack//infection review
Trailers from
Screenshots from IGN
Official Website
.hack japanese portal
.hack//G.U. japanese website

Dear Sony
Yes I was too stingy to buy the first series as individual titles, so I am patiently awaiting the original titles boxed in a platinum set as promised. Please remember Europe is only a hop skip and jump (with feather and levitation spells) from the US.

I ain't getting any younger.

Yours the elderly

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gnome said...

Nice, and thanks for having the tea already prepared.

The Elderly said...


(throws out pot of coffee, heads of to the shops for tea bags)

back in a tic!

DEITRIX said...

Is this a turn based rpg?

DEITRIX said...

Crap! Not on topic, but I just checked the 360 release dates for this month and a ton of games just got pushed back... atleast a month.

The Elderly said...

Greetings Deitrix on a sunkist Irish evening (a weather condition akin to snow in Jamica) .hack//G.U. features an action based battlesystem, but methinks you can pause the action to alter character/team combos.

Although at the rate i'm goin I'll still be playing Oblivion Come Christmas, at a loss to explain the pushback, maybe something to do with the new xboxlive update, Warpath, Urban chaos, mototgp were touted for june release what's missing?

gnome said...

Ah... Great tea you've got there, and even interesting ads. Tinywars it read and like a computerized boardgame it seemed... (still prefer elderly ads though)

The Elderly said...

(checks to see what he put in Gnome's tea)

Ads by the elderly were indeed a labour of love, google obviously didn't like them. Back to the drawing board
and having found cafe press, I'm now in the process of design incontinence y-fronts with the logo "grab an elderly gamer"

...............Okay it needs work

DEITRIX said...

Alan Wake
Enchanted Arms
N3: Ninety-Nine Nights
Test Drive Unlimited

These were all supposed to be out this month and when I checked this morning it was all changed... These release dates came from IGN.

The Elderly said...

and not a dud amongst them, that's more that co-incidence somethings afoot of to the forums.

DEITRIX said...

Pretty strange- Just about all of them got pushed back over a month..? Alan Wake (Which I was waiting for) got pushed to next year!! Figures.

The Elderly said...

next year, phew! that's some pushback, someones head's gonna roll for that woopsy

DEITRIX said...

Including my head!!

The Elderly said...

some speculation on the forums, that there held back to add amunition for the ps3 launch, I doubt it more like the industry thinks the summer is a bad release time, or their games need less competition on release date.