Sunday, May 07, 2006

Da Vinci Code The Game

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While still not available as a Walker's Crisp flavour, when a book sells 38.6million copies and Tom Hanks agrees to star in a film version, then rest assured there's someone willing to gamble on turning it into a game.

And so it came to pass that 2K Games have selected The Collective to develop a video game based on the Da Vinci Code film, which is slated for release on PC, Xbox and Ps2 this spring. A mixture of puzzles and action, the Da Vinci Code will bring the settings from both the book and the movie to life in a suspense-filled world. Playing as Professor Robert Langdon, in the process of solving a seemingly simple murder, you uncover a 2,000-year-old conspiracy through clues encoded in paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci. The game is slated for release with the film this spring.

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