Monday, May 22, 2006

Oblivion Character Portraits #3

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before you continue, be sure to check out the Oblivion Face Library, a most illustrious and incredible site, I knew i shoulda upgraded my pc instead of buying a 360. Check out the jessica Alba face file, you'll be a happier person because of it.

Mage from 17 images in album

ocheeva from sinfestation on gamespot forums

Catherine Zeta Jones from Daevhar on oblivion forums (login required)

Character #1
Characters #2

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gnome said...

Oblivion doesn't look (not even remotely, that is) so great on my PC. Despite my amazing face-crafting skills.


The Elderly said...

Now you mention it I do smell a photoshop, I'm too trusting. My female Nord Archer ended up looking like an orc (worryingly an attractive one at that).

On a lighter note may I congratulate your parents on their obviously inspired face-crafting skills.

gnome said...

There is the facial hair problem though. Us (that's not U.S.) gnomes can't actually stand beards.

Daevhar said...

I hope your not implying that mine was photoshopped. Hehe stumbled across this article and I can assure you that those are actual screens from in-game.

I use a special method of using FaceGen to create the faces though. Not the standard in-game method.

Check out for more faces and more info. ;)


The Elderly said...

indeed since posting this, i've had a dabble with facegen myself, and particularily like my angelina

I'm amending the post above as we speak, to include your most illustrious website.

Gnome how could you have possibly doubted this most gifted of oblivion face makers...