Saturday, May 13, 2006

Japanese Game Releases June 2006

Unless otherwise stated all Official Websites are in Japanese.

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Playstation 2

Valkyrie Profile Silmeria due 22nd June. Centers around Alicia, a young princess who finds herself possessed by the spirit of a Valkyrie. Unfortunately for Alicia, this has resulted in many people in her kingdom regarding her as insane or troubled, as she wrestles with the spirit within her.
E3 hands on from IGN
Official Website

Galaxy Angels 2 Special Edition due 22nd June. Galaxy Angel II sees you as Kazaya, a recruit in the Rune Angel Corps, a group of elite pilots who fly giant machines known as the Monshouki.
Official Website

Soul Link Extension due 29th June.
An adventure game with romantic angles, based on the PC title Soul Link. Set in space in the near future, the space station Aries has been taken over by an extremist group called Halarax. You play as a member of a group of students who must take the station back. The PC game has been adapted into an anime series.
Official Website (information page only)

Super Dragon Ball Z (Super DBZ) due 29th June. Cell-shaded fighting game featuring characters from the hit arcade game.
Official Website (very little content)
IGN screenshots


Chromehounds due US 27th June and Japan 29th June . Mech warfare offering a photo realistic look at war from the cockpits of colossal metal vehicles.
Official International Website
Strategy Informer screenshots
preview from gamespot
IGN trailers

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