Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Xbox360 gets it's "eyetoy" this September

Gamesindustry.biz have reported that the Xbox Live Vision Camera is set for a simultaneous release in Europe and the US on September 19th, Gesturtek (the people behind the technology) have confirmed the camera will allow gamers to control the action in much the same way as Sony's eyetoy.

The camera features
· High-end online camera supports up to VGA 640x480 video at 30 frames per second and takes 1.3-megapixel still photos.
· The camera includes a microphone that connects to the controller, so everyone in the room can chat online with their grandads
· The camera supports built-in video chat and video messaging on Xbox Live.
· Your face can be imported into games (god forbid) and can also be placed next to your name on leader boards for even more recognition, fame or infamy

Now what are we going to call it?

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Ross said...

Hey Elderly, are you interested in a link exchange? If you need a logo like the ones you used for Gnome and Tom then you can scroll down to the bottom of my page and use that one... Let me know... thanks...

The Elderly said...

Is the pope a catholic? give me a little while, as you can probably see scripting isn't a forte

DEITRIX said...

Would having a live video of yourself or someone else on screen while playing lag your game time down?

gnome said...

Love the "Ads by the elderly"!!!

A noble idea!

The Elderly said...

Good point deitrix, nobody (well following a traumatic search of net) has raised the issue. Which means nobody this side of microsoft knows yet. Houston we could have a problem!

(the elderly bows to Gnome and puts the kettle on)