Saturday, May 27, 2006

Wii tops Most Wanted in Japan

Results are in from Japanese games mag Famitsu ,who ran an opinion poll on what consoles and games their readers are most looking forward to after E3 2006.

The most anticipated game console, with a whopping 68% is Wii, and runner up the ps3 with a paltry 21%. And if we were left in any doubt as to how Japanese gamers have reacted to the ps3 entry price, Famitsu had it covered:

88.4% of those polled said the Ps3 pricing was too high.

Watch for a Ps3 price drop or cost beating bundle any day soon.

More details including most anticipated games from moz la punk

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DEITRIX said...

Yes it would be nice to see a price drop on the PS3. I didnt think the Wii would be so popular over the PS3!
Whens the Wii hitting shelves anyway?
I think it will be interesting to see the sales of the PS3 once its out..

The Elderly said...

it surprised me as well, Sony have lost some ground. Third party game retailers have set October for release, though the following counter suggests start of November.

DEITRIX said...

They are saying the power of the Wii is only a little more than the original xbox... Im suprised they went that route!

The Elderly said...

The devkits cost hardly anything ($2,000 if i remember correctly) which should draw in some indy developers, ergo (i hope) some non-traditional gameplay.