Tuesday, March 07, 2006

3d Model #9 Cloud Strife

Originally, Cloud (Kuraudo Sutoraifu) was portrayed as a practical but apathetic mercenary, recognised by his spiky blonde hair, dark Clothing vivid blue eyes with a slight green tint and his Buster Sword.

In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud joined the eco-terrorist group called Avalanche, and became drawn into the struggle through his affection for Aerith, and Tifa Lockheart and his experience with the notorious legendary soldier Sephiroth.

In the film Advent Children (due this year in the west) set two years after Final Fantasy VII Cloud must once again find that incredible strength he found during the final battle of Final Fantasy VII to save the future.

The most comprehensive bio imaginable
(in fact all you'll ever need to the point of obsession and beyond) on Wikipedia

Cloud Strife Tribute Site

Squaresoft's mini character bio (must try harder)

Advent Children Fansite (if you haven't seen the film this site is spoiler hell, but what a collection of wallpaper)

Sephiroth and Strife models

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