Thursday, March 09, 2006

Review Fight Night Round3

Scoring 87% Based on Metacritic's compilation of the best gaming reviews

Reviews Summary
bone crushing delight (?), graphics reminiscent of a Square Enix film
in game ads a downer, but a fantastic boxing game
Everything round 2 had and more (we should hope so)
Head and shoulders above any other EA 360 title
Portions of the game are flawless
idiotic computer ai, short career mode
extensive play becomes underwhelming
Achievements related to in-game advertisers
Having paid $60 for a game, you don't need to be bombarded by ads

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gnome said...

Great idea those review summaries...

The elderly gamer said...

(takes a bow)proving copy and paste is in reality a assistive technology for old people, and not plagiarism.