Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Japanese xbox calendar March

A quick pop over to Xbox.com Japan reveals

23rd March
Ziria Far East of Eden released

30th March
Rumble Roses released
Fight Night 3 released
Conveni200x (no idea but something to do with convenience store management)

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gnome said...

Just a question mr. e-gamer: Do you actually read Japanese?

Cheers (again)

The Elderly said...

Not a single syllable.........sorry brushstroke, but it's amazing how many Japanese webdesigners use english in their links, combine that with a small Japanese/english dictionary the weirdly wacky babelfish translation, a bit of luck and some blood pressure tablets and it constantly amazes me how much I can get through. Hell my english isn't all that good to begin with anyway.

Put on the kettle I'll be over yourplace in a tic!

gnome said...

:) Tea ready...

The Elderly said...

hey how the hell do you manage to bi-locate like that?