Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gnome is where your gaming heart is

This attractive Gnome has a hidden talent, he happens to run one of the most refreshing and ecletic sites on gaming you are likely to find in the gaming stratosphere. Just an ordinary gnome, living his gnome's life and occasionally (almost daily that is...) airing his views. Oh but what gems he has unearthed.

Virtual Museums of gaming gloriousness, glittering awards ceremonies known to only a select few humans, Board games unearthed from treasured memories, and games oh what games free ones, adventure ones, retro ones. Wondering what happened to the Game Designer behind the Sims? well the Gnome knows. Lost your game walkthrough for your favourite C64 title, well the Gnome found it. Forgotten how to hack Heroquest on your Spectrum then the Gnome knows. Look stop wasting your time reading this and pay the Gnome a visit you'll be glad you did.

Gnome's Lair

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Tomleecee said...

yeah, gnome's lair is a cool site!

gnome said...

And so is tom's.... Thank you so much dear elderly Gamer...