Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Famitsu's perfect score for Final Fantasy XII

I'm gobsmacked, Famitsu the most respected video games mag in Japan and famous for it's unmercifully tough grading system (4 reviewers with 10 points to award each) have awarded Final Fantasy XII a perfect 40. Final Fantasy XII now joins only 5 other games ever to be given a "Perfect" score. Set for release this Thursday in Japan, insert credit have the full story. They've also bravely tasted the Final Fantasy promotional "potion" and have survived to reveal to us just what it tastes like.

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Tomleecee said...

Never been a fan of the Final Fantasy games myself...dont see what all the fuss is about. Now Zelda...that's my kind of RPG. Less waffle and more kicking off with swords and shit. Oh yeah!

The Elderly said...

Could never really cope with the combat system, but boy they know how to wrap you up emotionally.