Saturday, March 04, 2006

New Xbox360 sticker to stop disc scratching?

Well not really, just Microsoft's mickey mouse response to the strong likelihood there is for destroying your expensive game discs if you move, jarr, stare harshly at your console or indeed have a child in your house. discovered the new stickers being shipped with the consoles and taped right across the drive tray (piccy above).

Instead of attempting to eliminate the risk altogether with the help of this article from, Microsoft have gone for the "once the fools buy it, it's their problem" option. Here's a test if your a 360 owner, can you tell me whether you've got a game disc in your 360 right now or not?

No doubt Microsoft hope the 1 cent stickers will act as some comfort for those gamers who have already destroyed $90 (€74) worth of an irreplaceable, unrefundable disc.

There is some positive news however (no theres not, but let's end with a high note) newer 360's are currently being released with a quieter drive, Microsoft switching manufacturers from Hitachi to Samsung. Details on the new drive from Unfortunately it appears the new drives also come with the disc tray sticker. Good news is that the sticker is free.

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