Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Angela Aki and the Final Fantasy XII Theme Song

Since it's release last Thursday 16th March, Gamebrink have 14 hours worth of gamplay completed and have kindly posted their impressions here.

Elsewhere Memento have found a link to the japanese version of the theme music video (kiss me goodbye) sung by Angela Aki, if you've the patience Megaupload are hosting the entire video in a downloadable zip file. The video requires Qucktime 6.5 or higher to view it, but there are nifty instructions to download it to a psp if your lucky enough to have one. Alternatively if you live close enough to the Youtube servers (and don't experience the annoying lag I seem to be getting) you can watch it in your browser.

There is an english language version as well, but can I find it? no not a chance. If you know the link leave it in the comments below and I'll add it here with full acknowlegments to the poster. Thanks in advance!

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