Thursday, March 09, 2006

Interview Battlefield 2: Modern Combat xbox360

Okay so I got an xbox version in my Christmas stocking, what am I going to do?. Do I sell it on ebay and buy this version slated for release on March 15th (they promise) or do I protest and wait till my arteries harden and somebody descides to make my version compatible with the 360.

Protest I say, no surrender, I'm not moving format, no way. But improved graphics!, rebuilt models, exclusive content, tighter gameplay experience (?), overhauled AI. Well here's the clincher, do I need to spend $90 €74 for some extra polish. I think not EA! make my xbox version compatible or I'm going to make my 2005 copies of Tiger Woods and Madden do me till 2010.

Upset old person.

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