Sunday, March 26, 2006

Oblivion Character portraits #1

One enthralling element of Oblivion is it's the extensive portrait creation tool. While I've ended up with a cross eyed troll some of you have managed quite well indeed. So as a regular feature we'll be showing some of the extraordinary talent that proves that beauty dosen't only rest in the eye of the beholder. First up is Amye from Kirel on the Oblivion forum.

Portraits #2

If you've got a photo of your own favourite character, post a link in the comments section and we'll display it here next outing.

Character creation tips from telefragged

Oblivion Plugin and patch notice

Oblivion characters thread

Oblivion 360 dashboard themed backgrounds (2)

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Kirel said...

Hello. (I was googling myself which isn't as dirty as it sounds.)