Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blogger Buddies May

What is blogger buddies?

Well I'm glad you asked me that, blogger buddies is an adaptation of a certain Gnome's monthly recap of his posts and Gamer C's list of favourite blogs. What follows is a nod to other far more original and substantially sane bloggers, gamers and artists, who the elderly is proud to have listed in his sidebar. Over the months to come, I'll feature some of my favourite posts from these sites. As this is a first post, I've given a small overview of each site. So without further ado I introduce Blogger Buddies.

Gnome's Lair
tops the technoratti charts for good reason, "A blog-site-thingie about all kinds of games. PC games, adventure games, retro games, board games, consoles, RPGs and a variety of other stuff, that I find (the least) mildly amusing..." recently gnomey has reported on the latest Warhammer rumours, finds a well hidden Lucasarts cache, elaborates on the Russian home computer, discovers first video game ever, offers a space quest walkthrough and reminisces on the loss of one or two lemmings.

Deitrix Artworks
is a blogger with a gift, he produces contemporary and sci-fi compositions, recent artwork such as "wizards light", "Syphon" and my favourite "Release" set him apart as extraordinary, don't forget to check out his "slideshow" at the end of the page.

The Dreamcast Junkyard
does exactly what it says on the tin. A fiercely loyal and passionate blogger on the subject of Dreamcast, games, game reviews, merchandise, hidden swirls, accessories...... Recent gems include the "dreamcast launchday jacket", "Samba de baseball", "IGN dreamcast re-launch"

dedicated to anything which is of key importance to "hardcore gamers" recent posts include "shamefully bad boxart", "Wii will rock you" "the choice is yours" Check out what he had to say on Peter Moore's recent foot in mouth. Since January he's managed to find the time to review Katamari Damacy, Tennis 2k2, Tony hawks underground amongst others. Prodigious, original and relevant.

360 Style, managed to get himself on the recent E3 blogger bus (I'm just now getting over the jealousy), the website has it's own forum and reams of Xbox360 wallpaper, icons, avatars. A must for the style concious 360'er.

Costume Get

Discussing the finer points of videogame costumes, from a gentleman whose been in the games industry for the last ten years and now works in the marketing department of IGN. Recent posts include "Castlevania is getting uglier" (true), "wet clothes", "hair is the next challenge".

Gamer C
A gamer with a knack for ecletic, original and highly entertaining posts. Check out his insights on the MGS4 trailer, his review of Castlevania IV, "the power of MUGEN", "street fighter alpha2" or watch the latest Superman trailer.

From their recent E3 pictorial to rare prototype 360 faceplates to their experience of loading Final Fantasy XI, to the world's smallest dreamcast. Wish they updated more often.

Camille Kuo
All the way from Taiwan, a self taught artist with raw talent, check out our earlier artwork (2001) and see how far she's progressed, the change is dramatic.

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gnome said...

Aaaah, touching stuff... :) Thank you Mr. Elderly.

The Elderly said...

look it was dark, I had a few drinks taken, but I swear I touched no one. Honest, cross my pacemaker.

gnome said...

along with a decent number of ROFLs, :)s

The Elderly said...

to borrow a catchphrase.... :)

DEITRIX said...

Thanks for the mention once again! Very much appreciated... Been busy the last few days, so I will have to catch up on your recent posts..!

The Elderly said...

Your more than welcome, glad to have you back

Ross said...


For the Elderly!

The Elderly said...

(bows, stands and claps back)