Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Webby Awards 2006 Games and Gaming sites

The Webby Awards have come and gone for another year and left in it's wake some overheated servers, and a couple of sick heads.

Billed as the "most addicitive game since Tetris" Stackopolis walked away with the Title of Best Game site as voted by the Academy, while the people's choice was miniclip.com boasting 27 million unique users per month (elderly takes a drink of water).
Also ran in the games category were:
Star Wars Galaxies
Toontown online (dosen't work with firefox)

The Academy awarded the Best Game Related site to gamasutra.com
while the peoples favourite was gamespot
Also ran in the game related category were:

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gnome said...

Couldn't disagree with those Webby-thingies more... Pah! Gamasutra better than Mobygames? And where is the Elderly blog?

The Elderly said...

Neither of us were even nominated, pah!! next year we'll host our own, what about the Gnomderly awards or better still (second brain cell refuses to fire) something else entirely different.

gnome said...

Wiiiii!!! Yes! Horaaah! Call it eldergnome! Let's do it, but first watch Brasil vs. Croatia!

The Elderly said...

Deserved to be a draw, Ronaldo was lacklustre, still Brazil 3 points.