Sunday, June 11, 2006

Steambot Chronicles Review (ps2)

"Sandbox" style gameplay with non-linear action, make your living playing in a band, farming or as a Trotmobile arena fighter. Also known as Bumpy Trot in Japan , why they felt it necessary to change the title is beyond me. Game blurb from Atlus software

Awarded 74% averaged over 21 reviews on Metacritic

Reviews summary
Full of fun and possibilities, feels like your actions mean something
Combat utilizes a clunkier version of Katamari Damacy
A little weird at times, fun and unique
Always a reason to pick it up and push on
Freedom to play as you want, you need never finish the storyline
Quirky, refreshing mix of action, sandbox, mini-games, style and charm

Screenshots from IGN

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DEITRIX said...

I'll never play it, but the screens dont look to shabby for a ps2 game!

DEITRIX said...

New jobs for gamers! Who would of thought...

The Elderly said...

It's got favourable reviews, and sounds strange enough for a break from oblivion, who knows if the price is right.

I remember attending a course on the law and internet access in the workplace, the guy was making it up as he went along. Still the certification served me well. this looks similar. copyright law and intellectual property rights I've breached on at least 117 occasions just on this blog alone.

DEITRIX said...

At some point I was actually thinking of a copyright on my artwork- just to play it safe, or if I ever get around to a book or story with characters... hohum..
Alot of people can easily type thier name and stamp the copyright (c) on it of course, but I've heard that still does not make it a legal copyright!? ( Might scare some people from copying tho' )
Wouldnt I have to purchase a copyright or have a lawyer do it??

The Elderly said...


Stamp something on your artwork, where it can't be removed by photoshop. Include a notice on your site suggesting they request permission before posting, that should be enough to stop the average blogger.