Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Prey Production insight

Interview with 3dRealms CEO, Scott Miller Via Gamersreports, bless there cotton socks.

summary just in case you haven't time to read it (yes we elderly have loads of time)

Introduction: Scott Miller details his bio and quickly jumps in to confuse the life out of me as to what a game producer does. Scott Introduces Prey's "Spirit Walking" game feature, but fails to elaborate.

Scott then reveals that the rights for Prey were sold circa 1997 and bought back in 2001 and advises that taking your time (4.5 years) with a game (max payne) can yield big rewards ($65 million). At this point the elderly had to take a drink of tea

He goes on to outline his policy that correct story, character and gameplay hooks, insure success.
Scott, then reminisces about his time coding in Turbo pascal on an IBM PC without a hard drive.

He proceeds to offer a treatise on Intellectual property and then the interviewer asks him if he ever considered a real job (elderly coughs out his false teeth).

The interview concludes with Scott's 5 tips that every developer should know.

Conclusion, I know more about Scott Miller than I do about Prey

Full Interview gameproducer.net

Update!! Pc demo reviewed from IGN thanks to Deitrix

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gnome said...

Turbo Pascal!
Dear, dear. Haven't heard these words for ages... Touching.

The Elderly said...

(makes gnome a fresh cup of tea) time marches on.

gnome said...

(takes a sip)
Tsk, tsk, Yes, it does.

DEITRIX said...

Some new reading on the game...
Sounds pretty good so far...

The Elderly said...

thanks deitrix, this was looking like a pretty lame post till now.

On another topic Local game store said they've cancelled Dreamfall Longest journey for retail in Ireland, can't figure it. It was due tomorrow, hopefully he got it wrong.