Monday, June 19, 2006

Need for Speed Carbon

Revealed in July's edition of Game Informer, details on Need for Speed: Carbon. According to CVG the game is looking "very much like a fusion of the Most Wanted and Underground titles"

And game informer online suggests

"Carbon is set to blow the mold of what a racing game is right off the streets! Don't worry current-gen folk, Carbon is spreading everywhere. Expect to see Need For Speed Carbon on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, Xbox, and PSP."

More details from CVG
Game informer reveal

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DEITRIX said...

Well finally up and runnin' again- loosing the net was like loosing my left index finger, close enough anyway!
So this is supposed to blow the mold of racing games..? Hhhhmmm, well even tho' its not coming out till Xmas of next year its still got some very fast contenders to beat with Forza2 and Gran Turismo5!!
See how it looks later in the year...
Oh' and nice painting of Arwen on your title!

The Elderly said...

(cracks open a new box of tea bags) welcome back!!!

ntoo early to tell whether carbon will live up to hype, your right and it will indeed face tough opposition.

Still playing with my template don't like the gap but arwen image is worhty.