Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology review

Touted as Arcade perfect conversions of Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha II, Street Fighter Alpha II Gold and legendary series finisher Street Fighter Alpha III together for the first time, plus Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. The verdict? scores 81% from 13 reviews on metacritic.

Reviews Summary
A gameplay perfect home version of Alpha 3
Icing on the cake is the battle mode, three man fights for epic throwdowns
Rare Retro collection worth price of entry
Should grace the shelf of every fighting library
Players weaned on 3d fighters will wonder why the big deal
Street fighter fanatics couldn't ask for more
Retrospective features and historical content omitted
One of the definitive fighting collections despite a few quirks
Alpha 3's console modes are nowhere to be found, Alpha 2 Gold's enhancements neglible

Screenshots from gamespy
Street fighter Wallpaper from Otaku

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