Monday, June 12, 2006

Japanese Game Releases July 2006

Helpfully all sites are in Japanese, photos top to bottom


(1) July 27th “We Are” your guess is as good as mine, my guess says college RPG dating
Official Site

(2) Truth of Night3 due July 27th, the final chapter of this “sound novel” (in essence a multi-branching story, allowing you to dictate the final ending). Truth Night3 follows the survivors of the Lunate Island tragedy as they return to Lunate mansion. (why they'd want to do something mad like that is beyond me)
Official Site

(3) July 20th Platinum releases for Star Ocean: Till the end of Time, Dragon Quest V, Dragon Quest VIII

(4) July 27th Blood: One Night Kiss, based on the popular anime series, comes from the same stable as Killer 7. While using a similar cell shaded art style, blood boasts a new game engine, follow the principal character Saya as she navigates an original storyline with the help of a samurai blade.
Official Website
Anime Series Website

Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprake Zarathustra due Japan July 6th US November. Bigger, better looking, improved everything and boasting 3 hrs of Movies, follow Shion as she unveils the Gnosis Phenomenon and wait for it, saves the Universe.
Official Site
IGN first look


Due July 13th (TBA for West) Bullet Witch is an action adventure with story sequences intermixed with gun fights and magic. Civilization is on the brink of extinction after demons begin appearing on the earth, the player wades into the fray as a witch named Alicia. The title has been pushed back a number of times, and the official website still has only one trailer, worrying.
Official Website
Screenshots from gamespy

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