Friday, December 09, 2005

Open Letter to Microsoft re Xbox360 scratched discs

Not that anybody in Microsoft will see this, but in the slim event it does get some coverage here goes.

Dear Mr. Moore, you've posted warnings (on your xbox Japanese site) about the potential of the Xbox360 to damage game discs if the console is moved, jarred, shook, shaken or stared at suddenly. Earlier reports suggest these are less than "isolated cases". have published a very good article on how this problem can be avoided altogether.
For the sake of your Corporate image, and the real chance that some gamers will destroy their valuable game collection beyond repair.


Get your engineers to fix the problem at the factory before your release the consoles in the first place. Whether you send the alleged engineers back to college for re-training afterwards is totally up to you.

Respectfully(for a limited time only)
The Elderly Gamer

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