Saturday, February 04, 2006

Xboxlive vs. Playstation Network

Eurogamer pose some interesting questions on the announcement that Sony plan a revolutionary online element for the next generation console. While many of us are still scratching our heads wondering what all the hype about the Xbox market place was about. To date 2 music vids and 4 movie trailers don't appear to show much leadership if Microsoft hope to beat off the all singing all dancing, psp supported Sony Playstation Network.

For a start where's the sneak preview of Underworld evolution, x-men3, superman returns? Well you won't find it on the next generation console, no siree. Which makes me a kinda pissed, really. Waiting for new content on xboxlive is like waiting for the next edition of your local parish newspaper, by the time it arrives it's old news.

To fully realise the hype around Xbox Market Place you have to subscribe to Microsoft media Centre, own a pc, sucessfully connect your 360 to your home network......... how many people are going to bother. This is supposed to be "next generation" technology, which would change the way we interact with media. And while it certainly has all the potential it delivers none of the content. Maybe next generation meant suitable for geriatrics.

If Sony integrate their online kit allowing me to simply power up my Ps3, connect to the Playstation Network and record my favourite episode of Lost, how beautiful a sight that would be. While the details are still hazy a collective pulling up of socks is called for or it appears Microsoft will be caught with their trousers down.

quote from Eurogamer:

"Apparently the new online service, titled PlayStation Network, won't just offer matchmaking and ranking lists. You can expect an iTunes-type store that lets you download films and music, and you'll be able to use the console as a Location Free Player. Which means you'll be able to upload stuff from your PS3 onto your PSP, and watch Blu-Ray and DVD movies on your handheld."

More content Microsoft please or else your console will be part of my media hub not the centre.

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Mark said...

yes, I've heard about it too. I think Sony's online network is gonna be way better. I heard you can stream videos and stuff from your ps3 to your psp or something. Very cool!