Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fees for Final Fantasy XI (xbox360)

Be prepared to pay $50-$60 for the game, a lengthy (1-3 hrs installation), monthly fees of $12.95 plus $1 dollar for every character you setup online. And in case $12.95 looks tiny, that's $155.40 a year excluding your fees for xboxlive.

Thomas Hawks outlines his experience with the purchase, installation and the financial outlay required to get up and running with Final FantasyXI. Joystiq expand on the issue and suggest a more "upfront" policy be adopted by American retailers. Meanwhile Canadian and European consumers should have things a lot easier as consumer legislation dictates a much leveller playing field when it comes to disclosure prior to purchase.

So check out before you buy, be aware of the costs, read the reviews (this one on eurogamer is the best I've found, where they rate the game 7/10) and then if you do end up throwing the thing into the pre-owned games basket after two months you won't feel as duped.

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Gamer C. said...

Whoa!! I didn't know Final Fantasy 11 cost this much to play. To be honest, I was kinda interested in getting the game but after seeing these prices, I think I'll just pass.

The Elderly said...

I had a nightmare installing and uninstalling the demo.