Sunday, April 30, 2006

3d Model Tifa Lockhart

Born in Nebelheim on May 3rd 1967 (using FFVII guide). Tifa grew up next door to Cloud, at aged 15 following the destruction of her hometown by Sephiroth she is rescued by Cloud who fulfils his childhood promise to save her if she were ever in danger.

Tifa moves to Midgar where she sets up 7th heaven and meets the leader of Avalanche, which she joins to revenge the destruction of Nebelheim.

After Sephiroth is defeated Tifa, Cloud and Barret move to a town just outside of Midgar, called Edge, and set up a new Seventh Heaven which also doubles as an orphanage, caring for children orphaned by Geostigma.

In Final Fantasy Advent Children Tifa has a big part in encouraging and convincing Cloud to fight on. Bright and optimistic, Tifa always cheers up the others when they're down. But don't let her face fool you, she can decimate almost any enemy with her fists.

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Art image shown by Takeshi Okazaki

Tifa Kiss doll (ffvii)

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