Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Senko No Ronde Rev X coming to Xbox360

Already a huge hit in Japanese arcades and set for release in July of this year (Japan only), Senko no Ronde is a space robot fighter shooter. Players control their units and fire off multitudes of different attacks while evading attacks from the opposition. The game mechanics are very similar to an older game franchise by SEGA called Virtual On, where combatants dash around the arena firing off their arsenal of different weapons while avoiding the opponents.

Let's hope they change their minds and someone does a deal for a Western release this side of me appearing in my local graveyard.

Famitsu (magazine) scans from xboxyde here and here

4 in game images from G.Rev's (developer) website

Official Arcade game Website with character profiles (yes unforch in Japanese)

Series of asx format video from arcade game competitions on the following webpage (still up at time of posting)

Gamestats' (scanning 36,661 websites) interest meter for the game a great big wopping Zero.

The elderly gamer, posting game information you'll probably never going to need.

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