Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rumble Roses XX The Review

Brown paper bag time for this title from Konami, though a score of 70% from 11 reviews on Metacritic gives people the excuse to purchase for the gameplay and not the graphics.

Review Summary:
Not going to change the genre (presumably wrestling)
Not going to be game of the year, single player wears thin
Something to do after killing a few beers (one way to spend 60 bucks)
Frenzied locations and graphics ruined by slow reaction times
Hot graphics, solid controls, online but shallow
Unabashedly slutty, more about the graphics than the gameplay (never?)
Equivalent of playing Farcry because you love palm trees
If your looking for quick and easy fun, it's here, no depth
Puzzling and disapointing that the Single player game seems neglected

Japanese official website (give it a chance it will load)
Konami's english game info site

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