Monday, April 03, 2006

I want a customised Gamercard

Some require registration some a simple piece of script. If you find a site I haven't listed post it in the comments (click comments at the end of this post) and I'll include it. (clean simple to use interface 36,000 plus cards generated)

liveinsanantonio (simple one liner)

xboxcentral (simple fill in form)

Flixsociety (standard available, but signup required for goodies)

3d Europe (in french but a simple one line script) (cool new oblivion slimline) (100,000 unique cards generated)

lcpforever looks impressive from (thanks to anon)

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Anonymous said...

Lots of different themes and options available.

The Elderly said...

nice site, handy interface, link included in post. Thanks

Mammlouk said...

The Elderly said...

link added thanks mammlouk