Monday, April 10, 2006

Top Spin 2 Review (xbox360)

Based on 14 reviews, Metacritic awards a passable 75% for the second title in the series from 2k sports

Review Summary
Absolutely blissful virtual experience
Improves on it's predecessor
Ranking and simulation system downright embarassing
The amount of detail is breathtaking, career mode exhibits depth
Acurately resembles a real game of tennis (? but reviewer awarded the game only 70%)
Balances technicality and quick, accessible fun, first rate presentation
Solid Solo and mutiplayer options, any tennis fan would be foolish to pass this
Little more than a high definition update of the original
Character float problem remains, but improved aesthetics are worth upgrade
Smart and unforgiving, unusually addictive and accessible for a serious sports sim
Tougher and has a steeper learing curve, next gen quotient could have been higher

Top Spin 2 Official Website

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