Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Japanese game releases for May

A bumper month for ps2 fans, and a significant release for xbox360 in the shape of Sega's Chromehounds. Note except in the case of Chromehounds all sites listed are in Japanese, but easily navigable using your view/status browser option.

Images ordered Top to bottom and left to right.

Ps2 releases

.hack/G.U. Vol 1 Resurrection
While we wait patiently for the first series of hack game to make it to platinum bundles, Bandai press ahead with the release of hack/Gu vol 1 Resurrection, complete with new characters and base storyline. Set for release 18th May. Official Website Trailers from gamespot

Cross Channel: To All people
An adventure game targeted at the mature market (yes nudity), The game ships with a special collectible "special drama" CD and a script book. Set for release 18th May Official Website

Chocolat Second Style
An adventure game set in a "maid tea drinking environment" Special edition comes with minature playart figurine (as per photo above). Set for Release 25th May. Official Website

Kimi Kiss

a love adventure "conversation matching" experience (admirably described by gamespy). Official Website . set for release 25th May.

Mighty Heart
Also known as Tsuyu Kisu, special edition replete with CD story. Heroine kidnap adventure game (I think!). Official Webpage. Set for release 25th May.

Xbox 360 release

Chromehounds offers an intense, photo realistic look at war from the cockpits of colossal metal vehicles. Official website link check out both western and Japanese websites for different content. IGN has 102 images and 4 videos. Set for release 25th May.

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