Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Video Game Voters Network

ESA (Entertainment Software Association) have launched a "political network" website to give gamers a voice in upcoming legislation aimed at restricting both the sale and content of future publications. The site is aimed at American gamers, in attempt to build up some political pressure to protect your rights, ahead of the senate debate on the "Family Entertainment Protection Act". To date 10,000 gamers have joined the network.

Their Top Ten Gamers Facts certainly is an eye opener, however be mindful that these are the same people who represent game companies who charge extortionist prices for the games you and I play. From the ESA website.

"The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is the U.S. association
exclusively dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of companies
that publish video and computer games for video game consoles, personal computers, and the Internet. ESA members collectively account for more than 90 percent of the $7 billion in entertainment software sold in the U.S. in 2005, and billions more in export sales of U.S.-made entertainment software."

Yep that's $7 billion of your money.

So while your signing up to a worthwile cause (lobbying to protect your civil rights) you might also remind ESA how you feel about being ripped of by the companies they represent.

In fact I think gamers across the World (yes their is an international link) should sign up and protest your right to affordable games. Kindly the video game voters network have provided a contact us link, where you can post your comments.

video game voters network

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