Monday, April 24, 2006

Oblivion downloads on xbox marketplace

Update! 23rd May 2006. Bethesda have resolved the localisation issue affecting some European countries from dowloading some of the plugins. So the next paragraph (in italics) is now redundant. Horrayy!

Ok I can take it on the chin that as Europeans we must wait for
horse armour and the Orrery quest while Bethesda overcome their "localization" issues. However as my level increases and the opponents brandish meaner weapons and the lions/wolfs/bears slice through my chainmail like a butter knife through tissue, there is an increasing likelihood I'll lose a horse or two before the armour arrives. Grrrrrrrr!

Thankfully to salve our wounds somewhat Bethesda have just uploaded 7.5mb of enjoyment in the form of the Wizards Tower, for download on xbox marketplace

Available for purchase for 150 points (at a current exchange rate of 80 points for $1) that would set us back $1.87 or €1.50.

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