Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Guitar Hero walkthrough (ps2)

Published by RedOctane, Guitar Hero from the makers of Karaoke Revolution uses a plastic guitar peripheral so that gamers can show their skills at crunching power chords and nailing a tough solo. The game features multiple skill levels and about 30 songs.

Walkthrough from Gamefaq

IGN Cheats

Official Website

Review from Eurogamer (9/10)

Buyers reviews (some bordering on hysteria) from IGN

Screenshots from gamespot

Guitar Hero forum

Even wikipedia are in on the buzz

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Gamer C. said...

Hello!! My name is GamerC and I wanted to say that I think your site is great. I didn't know there was that many game sites on blogger but if you don't mind, I like to start posting here.

Guitar Hero has caught my interest. I have to check this game out one of these days.

The Elderly said...

It does liven up a party, there is no doubt!