Sunday, April 16, 2006

3d Model #11 Chun Li

A character created for Capcom’s Street Fighter series. Born in China on March 1st 1968 Chun-Li (beautiful spring) has been training since she was five years old. Generally considered to be the first female fighting character in videogames, she first got interested in the martial arts when she became a fan of Bruce Lee. Chun-Li's style was originally listed as Wushu style Kung Fu, but recently Capcom decided to call it Tai Chi instead.

Following the death of her father she discovers that he has been killed by a crime lord called Bison (head of Shadoloo an international crime syndicate). She joins ICPO (Interpol) to get the resources to find and bring him to justice. She challenges Bison, but the villain makes quick work of her.

Though deeply shocked by her defeat, she later joins Charlie in SFA3 to destroy Bison. She was invited to the second tournament and entered to destroy Bison for good. She may have been the one who actually won it’s not clear. Her actions following this contest appear to show that she indeed had made peace with her vendetta.

She continued her work as a police officer, and retired from mainstream street fighting to teach young children martial arts after taking down Shadoloo for good, she later adopted a young girl.

In the live-action Street Fighter Movie Chun-Li was given the last name Zang/Xiang, but Capcom hasn't officially recognized it.

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