Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First Look Winback 2 Project Poseidon (xbox, ps2)

Fate of the World hangs by a thread.........tick of clock.......difference between success or failure.....up to you. Okay scene set, now the good part

Following the acclaim for the original on the N64, Koei (of dynasty warriors 141/2 fame) shook the necessary hands in order to publish the game for both xbox and ps2. Developed by Cavia Inc the makers behind Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex (strangely neither of the companies webpages mention the pending release).

Each team member is qualified in six different weapon types and highly-adept at CQB (Close Quarter Battle). Winback 2: Project Poseidon brings to the series a new "route" system that lets players experience each mission from the perspective of different operatives. There are 30 intense missions, multiple difficulty levels, and new weapons including the highly-anticipated sniper rifle. Scheduled for release April 18th.

Hands on preview from teamxbox

Hands on preview from worthplaying

Screenshots from IGN

6 video teasers from IGN

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