Sunday, October 15, 2006

Elderly wandering around the Net

Like a dark stalking, stalking type of old person, the elderly faced with too much news, too little time and a dodgy back list...

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Xbox 360
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Blogger Resources:

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New! Commodore 64 demoscene gnomeslair

Image from which is down, if anyone knows anry's new home please tell me so I can properly credit his work.

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gnome said...

An excellent addition to an excellent blog Mr. Elderly

The Elderly said...

(blushs!....) thank you mr.Gnome.....

gnome said...

Don't blush... Just treat yourself to a nice cookie...

DEITRIX said...

Its been about 2 yrs since Anry Nemo has posted anything on Deviant art.... Who knows where he went? Be back later to catch up on new posts!!!

The Elderly said...

(red faced and munching on a cookie gnome had given him....)

now that is mysterious... where the hell does someone with that talent disappear to.... freaky.....

(removes beard hair form cookie....)

gnome said...

Perhaps he went to Bangok to start a blog like this:


DEITRIX said...

CRAP!! GNOME!!! I cant look at this kinda' stuff at work!!

The Elderly said...

...s funny i think the shower curtain is quite nice..... oh well each to his own......

(adopts high moral ground....)

jeez gnome how could you....

(erases Deitrix's browser cache and internet trace files.... can't quite manage to re-image hardrive from here.....)

Gnome can you re-image Deitrix's work hard drive from Greece?

gnome said...

Uhm..yeah sure... but really, it wasn't even this guys shower curtain....

Oh, and thanks for the plug :)

The Elderly said...

... my pleasure to link to a memory of a delinguent and carefree past .... I wonder what the hotel towels were like.....?

gnome said...

Surely a relevant picture will be posted. Not Safe For Work certainly...

The Elderly said...

..jeez what is anymore, it's getting to the stage we'll have to wash and spray under our arms next......

gnome said...

I wouldn't dare to even imagine such a hellish future... No. I wont.

Cursed AXE conspirators...

The Elderly said...

(flips threw colleciton of threw letter abreviations...)

Axe... i should know this... AXE short for Anti Xenosaga Emissions....

Anti Xenophobic Emissaries..

am I close?