Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Review Samurai Warriors 2 (Xbox 360)

A third person action beat em up! Featuring 26 playable characters in all. Team up with friends for two-player Co-op play or compete with them at "Sugoroku," a bonus party game for up to four players. Challenge an opponent in two-player Vs. play exclusively through Xbox Live. Over 70 cinematic sequences supervised by Shinsuke Sato, director of the cult hit, "The Princess Blade" and new music from fusion artist Minoru Mukaiya. Despite all this the game only managed a paltry 56% from 16 reviews on

Reviews Summary
A finely tuned beat-'em-up, thrilling, visceral, bombastically brilliant.
One of the dullest and most repetitive games played in recent memory.
Dull and predictable gameplay, stale gameplay, Avoid.
More compelling than "Ninety-Nine Nights," but that's not saying much.
Graphics are disappointing, audio should've been left in Japanese.
Over-indulge, and you'll get sick of it quickly.
The models and textures are very low rate,
Enemy AI knows only to attack or run

Achievement list and Unlock guide from Gamefaq
Screenshots from IGN
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DEITRIX said...

Sad, really sad!

DEITRIX said...

Nice piece of artwork tho'

The Elderly said...

yeah they know how to market, but when i see Koei behind it i get suspicious......