Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saints Row Walkthrough

The one list of walkthroughs you can read without ruining your appetite, no additives popups or filler.

magazine style walkthrough from 1up

Gamefaq's Kouli and tjofanan Walkthroughs

Achievements Unlocks
Thanks to for:
Xbox 360 Achievements By Steve-O and slapaho27
Car insurance tip from By Hewhoisiam06422
Homies FAQ by
Hitman Target Locations
By Hewhoisiam06422
Chop Shop Car List
By cjellius15

In-game cheats (i.e., Pipe Bomb cheat) must be toggled on the in-game cheat menu. Toggling cheats on will remove the possibility of earning gamertag achievements. Simply toggle off cheats and reboot the game to continue earning achievements.
Phone codes, unlockables from IGN cheats

Saints Row Official Website
Saints Row Wallpaper (7) from

The elderly gamer, getting there eventually!!

Clickable inkies


gnome said...

Sheets ready?

The Elderly said...

(grabs sheet........whooosh!!!!!!)
thanks pal!!

Gamer C. said...

Thanks a bunch Elderly. First, I'll get my 360 and then...Well, maybe I get the Wii first then 360.

DEITRIX said...

She kinda' looks a little manish' to me..... 8~ l o l a ... la la la lola...

The Elderly said...

(dries up Deitrix droool...) yeah too mannish for my tastes..... sorry for the confusion Gamer C, but i'm too easily distracted.


gnome said...

mannish? Ah yes... see what you mean

The Elderly said...

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gnome said...


DEITRIX said...

She's got manhands! Run for your life!!

The Elderly said...

ah just checking... manhands as in rough and hairy or just large?